The NATURE’S HEAD® Composting Toilet is a completely self-contained waterless toilet. No holding tank, No pump-outs, No odors, No thru-hulls, No clogging.

This is the most affordable, best quality, and best designed marine toilet, RV toilet, workshop toilet, or cabin toilet available. It meets USCG discharge regulations, and can be used anywhere conventional plumbing is unavailable.

Below the Deck Products has closed in Eastern North Carolina.

Please contact one of the following dealers to help you.


New Bern, NC: Authorized Dealer Jeff Gurney. Contact Jeff at 252-636-5258 or 252-229-0508. Available by appointment only.

Oriental, NC: Authorized Distributor, Inland Waterway Provision Company, at 305 Hodges Street, Oriental, NC. Phone: 252-249-1787. Hours are 9-5 Mon-Thurs, 9-6 Fri-Sat, and 10-4 Sundays. Email Inland Waterway

Washington, NC: Authorized Distributor, McCotters Marina and Boat Yard,
179 McCotters Marina Road, Washington, NC 27889. Phone 252-975-2174. Email McCotters