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NATURE'S HEAD Composting Toilet

The NATURE’S HEAD® Composting Toilet is a completely self-contained waterless toilet. No holding tank, No pump-outs, No odors, No thru-hulls, No clogging.

Nature's Head Composting Toilet

This is the most affordable, best quality, and best designed marine toilet, RV toilet, workshop toilet, or cabin toilet available. It meets USCG discharge regulations, and can be used anywhere conventional plumbing is unavailable.

We are proud of the record of excellent support and customer service by both the manufacturer and by ourselves. Give us a call with your questions.

  • No More Pump Outs – For boaters and RVers this means no holding tank, no pump-outs, and no clogging.
  • Self Contained, Portable – This means you do not need a septic tank, and you do not need a water supply for flushing.
  • Designed for tough marine environment – The unit and all of it’s parts have been fabricated with materials to withstand both constant movement and salt water. If you are replacing your marine head, consider the ruggedness and simplicity of this unit.
  • Thoughtful design – Simple design is easy to install and gives a lifetime of trouble-free service. Molded-in toilet seat, both comfortable and easy to clean, will never need replacing.
  • Environmentally Secure – There is no chance for an accidental spill or dump. Liquid waste is stored in a secure bottle which can be capped for transport to a restroom facility for disposal. During the composting process, pathogens are destroyed and the solid waste becomes compost for your flower garden or can be emptied into a plastic bag and disposed of in a trash container.
  • Five Year Warranty – Simplicy of design and quality of components and workmanship gives you a lifetime of trouble-free service. Even so, the unit and its parts carry a manufacturer’s warranty against any defects. This is the longest warranty of any comparable toilet.
  • Easy to Install – With a footprint comparable to that of a “Porta-Potty” type unit, the Nature’s Headâ„¢ composting toilet should be easy to install in most applications. Installation consists of bolting the mounting brackets to the floor, venting the unit outside, and hooking up the power source. While the unit is designed to use a 12V fan, several options are available to fit each application, including “powerless installation.”
  • Extraordinary Holding Capacity – The waterless, urine separating design provides this unit with extraordinary holding capacity. This could translate into a month of usage by a couple, or perhaps an entire season of weekend usage.
  • Economic Advantages – Additional sewer capacity is not required. No water is used for flushing, thus water consumption is reduced. Installation cost is low. Molded seat never needs replacement.
  • Affordable at $925 – Compare this to other composting toilet systems — Nature’s Head costs only about HALF the price of competing composting toilets.
  • Locally produced – Made in Ohio, USA. We help keep Americans employed.

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